It really depends on the individual circumstances. If you're only putting down 5% and your payments are going to be a stretch and you have no savings for emergencies, you're probably not ready to buy. In my case, however, I had 20% to put down on a house in my price range. Instead, I ended up putting 5% down on a… » 10/29/14 11:57am Wednesday 11:57am

Do you honestly think 'Murica is going to get the best and brightest CEOs if we only pay them 48X average worker pay like they do in Socialist Denmark? I'm sure our CEOs are worth AT LEAST 354 times average pay. It's not like they go around crashing our the world economy or that they're having to pay penalties for… » 10/28/14 9:30pm Tuesday 9:30pm

It happened to a friend of mine many years ago in Rome, I think. Maybe Barcelona. They only sliced her bag a little bit and didn't get anything. We were a bunch of college students doing the Eurarail thing so I'm betting even if they had succeeded they wouldn't have gotten anything especially valuable. More like sun… » 10/27/14 4:30pm Monday 4:30pm