I recommend wearing whichever pants fit and look best (stripped or solid black) with a nice professional blouse and (I'm assuming you have these) a good pair of shoes to make things look a bit dressier. You want to feel good about how you look. » 3/26/15 7:54pm Today 7:54pm

While I'm hoping to drive my glorious piece of plastic 99 Saturn for a few more years (it's been extremely reliable and cheap to maintain), I really like the Chevy Cruze. I just wish they would step up and bring the hatchback option to the US. If they don't do it before the Saturn goes to car heaven, I'm thinking… » 3/26/15 7:32pm Today 7:32pm

It really is brilliant. Particularly how it starts out all bright (literally bright in stark contrast to the Vancouver gloom of so many episodes) and funny with the Sheriff Andy Taylor and the adorable baby Scullys flirty banter. Then BAM! (literally) with the sheriff and wife being brutally attacked. » 3/25/15 4:56pm Yesterday 4:56pm

It's not a "destination wedding" if it's where you currently live. It's a wedding where some of the guests will have to travel if they wish to attend. Because in this day and age many people move away from their hometown so someone has to travel. » 3/23/15 8:48pm Monday 8:48pm

My favorite (and I have no idea if it's still on Netflix) was City Hunter. I also unapologetic loved Boys Over Flowers. I finished a couple others that were okay (My Princess, Bad Guy -not to be confused with a very unpleasant movie of the same name) and there were a bunch more I started but never finished and don't… » 3/23/15 5:37pm Monday 5:37pm